an ink and spindle allsorts quilt

Hey look, another quilt I finished and never blogged about! I’m finding that kind of handy now, since there’s no sewing going on these days… Max doesn’t seem to like to sleep anywhere except in your arms. And as nice as that is, it does make it hard to get much of anything done. When he gets a little older we’ll have to teach him that his crib is actually a good place to sleep! (or I’ll have to figure out a way to cut fabric and sew one handed!)

Edited to add: Thanks for all the sling suggestions – we do have a Moby wrap, and you can see from this photo that he’s a fan!

Anyway, you may remember that lovely stack of Ink & Spindle fabrics I picked up at Nido a while back. In addition to the fat quarters I bought, I also grabbed one of the Ink & Spindle quilt kits to make up one of their organic Allsorts Quilts. They offer this quilt kit in two colorways – this gorgeous red and pink version, as well as a beautiful blue and green version. The kit contains 8 fat quarters as well as the hemp sashing. Of course, I’m not typically a fan of patterns or kits, but this one was fun to make since it was really more of a method than a specific pattern. I enjoyed cutting up the various fabrics into several widths and rearranging them into the three horizontal strips.

This quilt is now hanging at Nido, and while the quilt kits have sold out, you could certainly make up a similar quilt using several of your favorite Ink & Spindle fat quarters and adding in your own solid for sashing.

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