a new quilt model

Thank you all so very much for your comments on Max’s arrival! We finally arrived home Tuesday afternoon after an extended stay at the hospital due to an unexpected c-section. It was a real treat to leave the hospital on a beautiful, sunny spring day — and really really wonderful to get back home!

Since then, we’ve spent hours enjoying and observing every little movement and facial expression this little guy makes (and trying to commit them all to film – though don’t worry, I won’t share them all here!).

(he looks just like me, right?!)

He’s been doing a bit of this

and a bit of this…

And I think I may have found myself a new quilt model… doesn’t a quilt photograph better with a baby on it?

This one is a second small baby sized Flea Market Fancy strip quilt which I finished a couple weeks ago. It’s similar to the one posted here and it’ll be making its way to the shop when I find myself with a little window of time!

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