colorblock plusses…a boyish baby quilt

I can’t decide which I like more on this quilt – the random plus signs, or the shades of blue colorblock background. I had no real design in mind when I pulled out this stack of fabric – I was mainly thinking that I wanted to get a chance to use some of that cute Heather Ross gnome fabric. I didn’t want to cut it up too much, so I went with that large plus sign in the bottom left, and from there just started making up plus signs of various sizes.

The colorblock background came about because I didn’t have enough of any one blue solid, which is good, since I really like the mix of blues in the background. And those little squares and strips? Just a little something extra!

I used the dark blue solid for the majority of the backing, along with a wide strip of all the prints from the front.

As far as quilting goes – I was going to stipple it, but then, due to sheer laziness I went with the predictable random straight lines (the larger sewing machine I use for free motion quilting is put away, and I had no interest in dragging it out and setting it up. I’ve had my eye on a Janome Horizon for some time now – seems like I could replace my two machines with the one which would do everything I need…. if anyone has one and has opinions, I’d love to hear them!).

Anyway, for now this quilt will get added to the baby’s pile ‘o quilts. Though that pile is getting a bit too tall so some editing might be in order!

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