a greenfield hill quilt top

Well here it is – the top of my Denyse Schmidt Greenfield Hill quilt. I must say I’m quite excited about this one! I had a great time making up the individual improv blocks, and working with fabrics that are not quite my typical colors. Seeing them now though, I’m thinking that perhaps they should be included as new favorites. It’s a welcome change to all the brighter colors I’m typically drawn to.

I had this design in mind from the very start. I knew that I wanted the blocks to be set on point, and I also knew that I’d probably get tired of making blocks long before I had enough for a good sized lap quilt. I started thinking about one of my older quilts – A Sprinkling of Hexagons and how the hexagon look was achieved, without having to make up an entire quilt of hexagons (does this make me sound lazy?!) Anyway, the minimalist look of the smaller pieced section paired with a solid appeals to me and I thought I could achieve a similar look with blocks this time.

Since I had included Kona Snow in several of the blocks to brighten up the overall look, I decided to go with the snow for the rest of the quilt as well. I also decided to do a very thin sashing in snow between the blocks as well. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and can’t wait to get it finished!

And this photo is for those of you who feel badly for Morgan, what with all the quilts I make him hold up (in all kinds of weather!). I even feel slightly bad for him here – it was snowing pretty hard, and I dragged him into the middle of the road, stole his gloves, and made him try and hold up a largish quilt (without letting it touch the ground, of course!) Luckily, he’s a great guy and a really great sport!

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