an Anna Maria Horner Rubik’s Crush quilt

Thank you all so much for all the great comments on my last Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush quilt. When the Innocent Crush line came out, I bought fat quarters of the whole line, and ended up using them in their separate color palettes for two quilts. And now I’m happy to be able to show you the second quilt — this one made out of the Swept Away palette of the Innocent Crush line.

I started this one last Fall, and showed you all the quilt top surrounded by some lovely fall leaves (wow, that seems like a long time ago!). Then I got it all finished up and snapped a few photos at the very end of last year, just before mailing it off to the great people at Interweave.

And I’m so very pleased to tell you that you’ll soon be able to see this one in an upcoming magazine, published by Interweave, called 101 Patchwork Projects. It’s a super-sized magazine filled with patchwork projects, both big and small. And you’ll be able to find instructions for making your own Rubik’s Crush quilt, should you like this design!

For the backing of this one, I used this great orange print from the same line (which also happens to be the same print I used for the backing of the Rectangle Squared quilt – apparently it’s a favorite of mine!). I didn’t correctly calculate how much I’d need, so ended up piecing in some of the leftover prints from the front. The binding is a chocolate brown solid.

I’m totally excited to see this one in print, so I’ll be hanging around the bookstores waiting to see a copy. It’s due out in mid April!

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