Innocent Crush Rectangle Squared Quilt

So… I finally finished my first quilt of 2011!

I started this one at the end of 2010, and wrote up a tutorial on how to make these blocks. I even got Morgan to sandwich it and then somehow it got stacked in a pile of finished quilts and I forgot all about it. Then when browsing the FITF flickr group the other day I saw a couple other lovely quilt tops made using my tutorial, and I realized I needed to get this one done!

I quilted this one with straight lines, running both vertically and horizontally alongside the sashing. I went with double lines on every other row and column to give it a bit more interest.

It’s bound with a bright spring green solid, which I think really complements all the blues and purples of the Innocent Crush fabrics.

The backing is one of my favorite prints from this line, along with a bit of patchwork detail at the top and bottom. It measures about 40″ x 55″ and makes a great lap quilt or a cute crib sized quilt! It’s listed in the shop!

Previous post about this quilt can be found here.

Tutorial can be found here.

Fabrics are from Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush line - the Charmed colorway. These fabrics can be found at many of the shops listed in my sidebar.

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