lounge pants

At this point in pregnancy, I’m very much against wearing real pants. Luckily my real job allows me to work from home where sweatpants are perfectly acceptable. (Though there are those times when I have to leave the house, and lately I’ve come to really resent having to put on jeans!)

My sweet friend, Phiona, knowing this, made me a fabulous pair of pajama/lounge pants recently. They’re super comfortable, with a great smocked waist, and of course, in a great fun fabric!

I wore them for days after receiving them, and then convinced Phiona to let me use her pattern to make up a second pair for a little variety. (Unfortunately, for those who might ask, there’s no pattern at the moment. Phiona created her own pattern based on a pair of her favorite pajamas from Anthropologie)

(31 weeks. Very fashionable, right?!)

Well, now you know what I’ll be sporting all weekend!

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