more sewing for the baby…

We’ve been slowly getting the baby’s room put together – it’s freshly painted, and we just got the crib set up. Which of course prompted a bit more sewing.

We went with gray for the room color, which I love. (Though it did take several test pots to find the one we liked best – gray’s a hard color to select!)

I knew I wanted to add in a little yellow, so when I saw Laura Gunn’s new fabric line, Magnolia Lane, I thought that the yellow tulip print would be perfect for a crib skirt. (I know it’s not very boyish, but I figure I’ll be the one looking at it!)

I also ordered a bit of the plaid print from the same line with the intention of making a crib sheet. As it turns out, it’s not exactly right for the room, but I went with it anyway. I’m quite certain that I’ll be happy to have more than one crib sheet!

And now that I know how easy it is to make your own crib sheets, I think there may be several more in our future!

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Oh — unrelated, but sadly I got news from Bea of Aunt Bea’s Fabrics that her shop is closing. She’s having a sale to clear out inventory, and all fabrics are 30-50% off. She has some great fabrics, so if you’re looking to add to your stash, you might want to go take a peek! (I may or may not have felt the need to add to my Nani Iro stash!)

Wall color is Gray Horse by Benjamin Moore
Crib is the BabyMod Olivia crib
The quilt in the first photo is my Starburst quilt. A tutorial for this block can be found here.

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    Faith says:

    Setting up the baby’s room is so exciting. I love that crib! I was just thinking yesterday how this year we will be taking ours down after almost 5 years of having it up in the house. There’s just something special about having a crib in the house…

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    Jo says:

    Lovely crib and bedding! I’m just about to tackle making some crib sheets for baby number two (different cot = no sheets that fit from last time round) – did you use any tutorials, or just figure it out as you went?

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      ashley says:

      Hi Jo – thanks! I didn’t use a tutorial, though I read through a couple of them. My mattress is pretty thick, so I went a bit larger on the size – using the full width of fabric by about 70″ in length. I cut out an 8″ square from each corner, and used a french seam to avoid any raw edges. I did use elastic around the entire sheet, as shown in this tutorial.

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    What a lucky little one to be for so many reasons!

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    tracy says:

    Ok, I SO want to paint a room or two gray and love this shade so thanks for sharing the particulars. As for crib sheets, buy and/or make many πŸ™‚

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    Tanis says:

    Wow, Great crib, and beautiful bedding! I think that the blue plaid is sweet! Looking forward to seeing more of the room.

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    randi says:

    looks great! your babe is gonna sleep in style!

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    Yes, gray is just the best. Over the past 2 years, through remodeling projects, we have slowly put gray into almost every room of our house. I love the softness of it, and how color plays with gray. My daughter’s nursery is actually gray too, along with other colors.

    Well, it’s looking gorgeous. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

    By the way, I’m in love with your blog. Candy from Candied Fabrics mentioned you to me and I’m so glad she did.

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    tara says:

    We chose gray for our baby’s room, too, and I agree – it is a difficult color to choose! I love the bright colors you’re incorporating into the nursery.

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    Kar says:

    I love the colors you picked. Bright and cheery. And trust me, the more crib sheets the better! One is never enough.

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    Dolly says:

    Thanks for the headsup on the sale, but I can see why she’s closing. Her site is very confusing. She says that there are sale items starting at 3.50 or something like that, but all that comes up when you click on that link are things priced at 6 dollars-plus.

    Making crib sheets is addictive, and SO HANDY……yes, you’ll want plenty of changes. And they’ll be cute, knowing you and your fabric choices.

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    Susanne says:

    That room is beautiful. That GREY is beautiful too : D

    I hope you don’t mind me asking what ethnicity your husband is? My children are Asian (Korean) and Caucasian (which *biasly I think is the MOST beautiful blend!!) He’s Asian right? : )

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    Raven says:

    Ashley!!! Such a great room!! I really love that quilt… excited for you!!

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    Emily says:

    MAN! They did not have an affordable MOD crib option 3 years ago! I would have snatched that gem up in a second! And, thank you for the heads up on the sale, I did my part in supporting her! πŸ˜‰

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    K says:

    Patterned crib sheets are so much better than solid color ones–they hide all sorts of, um . . . let’s say “fluids” that babies can conjure. I tried changing the sheets all the time with my first one, but that wore out after the first few months, and it was nice to have a pattern to hide a less than pristine sheets when the mother-in-law would drop by.
    Love the plaid.

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    Jessica says:

    Love the crib and the Magnolia Lane fabrics! I just stocked up on some of those myself.

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    Elle Sutherland says:

    I just found your blog yesterday, and I’m completely inspired/addicted! I am working on a nursery ensemble for a friend right now and just made valances and crib sheets. Crib skirt, quilt, pillowcases & toddler sheets, and rocking chair cushions are still to come, but they are so fun!

    I was looking through the Aunt Bee site and saw Robert Kaufman’s Zoology. I thought it would make a fantastic crib sheet with those pretty greys – not sure if it’s your style, but thought i’d point it out!

    Thanks for such a wonderful site (and for some great links…I’m have a hard time doing anything else other than websurfing today!)

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    Shannon says:

    Blue Plaid or Green Plaid from felicity for Riley Blake would be perfect!

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    SugarMag says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I just went and bought some cute Robot Fabrics from Aunt Bea’s!

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    Nikki says:

    The room is adorable! Love the crib, the quilt, the sheets. I love it all!

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    Belva says:

    Love the cute crib sheet. One tip…you may want to make some flannel sheets. There’s nothing worse than getting a baby to sleep and then having them wake up when you lay them in a cold bed.

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    brittany says:

    we are almost done with our son’s room, too! i wanted to go grey but ultimately decided on cobalt and white beadboard. sewing his first quilt (minky) soon!

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    Rachel says:

    thanks for the info on the sale! found lots of great fabric to add to the stash!!

  25. 26

    Looks great and headed to sale now……..

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    Emmmylizzzy says:

    I can’t wait to see the completed room! I love that bright pop of the starburst quilt against the gray wall. And my husband is so not happy that you tempted me with that Nano Iro that’s on sale – I have a weakness for double cotton gauze!

  27. 28

    Agreed, that crib is perfect! They used to be so pricey. And, can I confess that now (and only now) I feel the need to make your quilt. Apparently, the crib is that inspiring!

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    chris says:

    I ADORE your bedskirt!! such a perfect pick…..and I totally don’t believe in stereotypical boy/girl rooms, so I say do all the yellow and flowers you want!! Once your baby boy comes, it won’t take long for him to let you know his own feel and style and then you can cater his room to him, but until then, let it reflect the way you feel and what makes you a happy mommy to be. I’m still drooling over that starbust quilt….I may need to make one of my own, maybe that it what my little collection of liberty can be used on!

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    KT says:

    Great sheet! I cannot back up others enough on the MORE crib sheets. Babies really are unbelievable at making “stuff”. Having multiple bed sheets and having them easily accessible is invaluable, especially at 3am. Also, if you can fit it into the budget- a high capacity washer/dryer with a sanitary cycle. Ours saved me a multitude of times. Oh- and another great grey is Benjamin Moore Stardust.

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    Stephanie says:

    Love the whole shebang. Can you tell me what tutorial you used to make the crib sheet?

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    summerfete says:

    thankyou for your lovely colourful quilts..makes me feel less fearful of my combinations!

    I love grey, so elegant.
    I want to paint our lounge a warm grey.

    clare x

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    turtlewon says:

    Hoping I’ll get to see it in person someday, but until then seeing the new crib on your blog will have to do. I love it! and the fabrics for the skirt and sheet. (Yes, you will need more than one!)

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    Lianne says:

    OH MY GOD YOURE HAVING A BABY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Ive been away faaaaarrrr too long. Need to seriously catch up. Ironically it was because i was having my own bubba but seriously, where does time fly?? Love the new quilt btw. I wish id made some things before LO arrived. Now i dont have any time at all. πŸ™

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    Jessica M. says:

    Oh I love making crib sheets! Loving the baby room! Great job!

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    Jill says:

    I love that you used gray in the nursery. We haven’t gotten around to doing any painting in our new house. I figure I’ll wait until after the crayon on walls stage my children have. Washable crayons are a godsend!

    I also love that you tell us where your fabrics come from. I also just spent nearly $50 at Aunt Bea’s! Cute fabrics on sale is just irresistible!

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    Angela says:

    looking good, my dear! and i just love that quilt, i need to try out that block!

  37. 38
    lynn says:

    i have a son who loves ALL colors, perhaps based on me as his mom, who also loves color. It was a vvery funny moment when he came home from pre school one day and gleefully proclaimed “mom, pink is not just for boys!”

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