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I bought Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby recently, and I think I’d like to make almost everything out of this book. I started with the Snuggler, which I made out of one of Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush home dec fabrics, purchased from Nido.

It’s lined with my favorite Robert Kaufman flannel, purchased from the Fat Quarter Fabric Shop. Wendy carries the flannel in lots of great colors, though I opted for the natural here. It’s a bit hard to photograph without a baby, so one of my childhood dolls had to step in for this photo. (Morgan may or may not also be using said doll to practice holding a baby…)

My second project came about after I purchased some fabric from Amanda during her recent destash. Along with that fabric, she included some great extras, including this really cute Japanese Pinocchio print and a bit of some super soft bamboo fleece. I couldn’t not use it for a cute little bib!

The bib in the book isn’t finished the same way (no quilting or binding in Lotta’s version), but since I had some flannel left over from the first project, I decided to quilt it with a fun straight line zig zag pattern.

It’s backed with the fleece and then bound with a narrow brown bias binding. This was such a quick, fun project – I can definitely see many more handmade bibs in my future!

_ _ _

Oh, and I’m so glad you liked my linen napkins! I think it’s a great project, even if you might not have linen on hand. I’ve made several sets using a printed cotton paired with a corresponding solid. (You know, just in case you have time for another handmade gift!)


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  1. 1

    That snuggler will come in handy!

  2. 2
    anna says:

    oh my, so cute all of it! the snuggler looks so cozy. and yes, you’ll definitely be needing lots of bibs. great idea on the napkins too, a good way to use up some of that fabric I have laying around!

  3. 3
    anna says:

    oh, and lotta’s book is totally awesome

  4. 4
    Dan R says:

    The snuggler and bib are adorable

  5. 5
    Faith says:

    Oooo I love that snuggler, I wish I had that for my babies. I was the worst swaddler and they love being all cozy!

    The bib is too cute too.

  6. 6
    Hannah says:

    I love the snuggler but I’m also in love with the fabric you used in your last set of napkins. Could you pls share what fabric it is?

  7. 9
    Sarah says:

    Bad, bad Ashley! Posting so much lovely inspiration when I have JUST cleaned and packed my sewing stash away for Christmas.
    Great stuff!

  8. 10
    Jackie H says:

    Super, super cute! One quick thing about those cute bibs – I highly recommend snaps vs velcro to prevent snagging on clothes and such in the wash. And the snaps lasts a lot longer than the velcro. Just a thought we I used to pull out these bib chains out of the dryer and found that attached to my hubby’s workout clothes…sad.

  9. 11
    Sarah says:

    I am in total awe of how much you are able to do every day! Love these – that latest set of napkins is simply divine!

  10. 12

    Your baby is going to dig that snuggler. As soon as I saw that online I wished I’d had one when my kids were babies! The bib is a great shape and I love the fabrics you’ve chosen. How exciting to be so well prepared for your babe!

  11. 13
    Christin Goelz says:

    You are making such great items that I really want to try but my stinking sewing machine is in the shop. I really wanted to make the napkins but I will have to wait until after the holidays and keep them for me instead of gifting them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. 14

    The snuggler may come in really handy! My baby tended to get out of something like that, so we had to swaddle the traditional way. But, totally whatever works. I enjoyed seeing that picture of Anna’s home decor mixed signals. It looks nicer in your picture!

  13. 15
    Jan says:

    Your baby items and the fabrics you chose are delightful! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  14. 16

    That’s going to be one well attired baby!! Love the subtle colours very well chosen.

  15. 17

    I love that book! I have it and cannot WAIT to start making things from it. The Innocent Crush prints you used are perfect!

  16. 18
    kathy thomas says:

    Love your projects. I am just trying to sort out all of the fabric in my sewing room and you inspired me to use it up with some cute projects…

  17. 19
    Merlin says:

    Love that! Wish I had the snuggler with all 4 of my boys. I was also pleasantly surprised that the baby doll looked so familiar! I’ve had mine that looks a lot like that doll for a long time and still have it somewhere in the garage. What memories!

  18. 20
    Lauren Rose says:

    I’m 24 weeks along and I purchased Simple Sewing about two or three weeks ago. Absolutely in love with it. It’s so sad that we’ll only get to use that precious snuggler for a few months when the little one is, well, really little because they are the sweetest thing. And you even used a test baby! Cute. πŸ™‚

  19. 21

    you never cease to amaze me with your quilting projects and color combos – love coming here for a big dose of creative inspo. πŸ™‚ catching up on your blog – HUGE congrats on your pregnancy!

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