patchwork pillows

It was time for a little change in our den! (don’t you love that just changing out the pillows can sometimes give enough of a change?!)

We’ve had the same pillows on this couch for quite a while now, and while I really liked them, I thought it was time to switch them out. I had made the hexagon pillow covers during my hexagon-making phase, and they work nicely with the blue on our walls, so I decided to pull out those fabrics again for some corresponding patchwork covers.

I quilted the tops, and backed them with some Hope Valley, making an envelope closure (no zippers in the house, and no desire to go to JoAnn’s!)

I love how the pillows look together, and it’s definitely nice to have a little change! And who knows, perhaps if I look at these pillows enough, I’ll be motivated to finally finish up that manly quilt!

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