rubik’s crush quilt top

After I made this quilt top out of fabrics from Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush in the Charmed palette, I couldn’t not make one out of the Swept Away palette. It just felt wrong to leave those other fat quarters just sitting there, you know?

So for this one I went for a bigger quilt, with larger squares of each print to really showcase the gorgeous fabrics. I paired them with a pale pink solid with a little tic tac toe-ish block within each pink solid block.

[This one was inspired by a duvet cover I saw on a commercial one day. Unfortunately I don’t have a link for you, since I can’t even remember what the commercial was for. Want to know where I’ve been finding inspiration lately? The TV. Perhaps this means I watch too much of it (hmm…) but I’m often DVRing something just so I can go back, pause it, and get a photo of the TV.]

But anyway, now that I told you about my crazy habits… back to the quilt! I’m looking forward to getting this one finished. It feels so perfectly ‘Autumn’ to me that I feel like I really should get this done before all the leaves are gone…

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