a little sewing for baby…

I haven’t really done any sewing for the baby yet, since we don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl. But of course, I’m itching to start sewing teeny tiny baby things! I decided washcloths would be a pretty safe option…because even if the baby doesn’t need all of these, they’ll make great gifts!

These washcloths are so quick and easy to make. If I hadn’t run out of the terry cloth backing, I’d probably have a much taller stack!

It was fun to pull out some of my favorite fabrics to combine for the patchwork top of each washcloth — some Heather Ross, a little Munki Munki, and some of Laurie Wisbrun’s Urban Circus, all backed with a really great organic cotton terry cloth by Michael Miller.

I’m not typically a washcloth-user, but these are so soft (and fun to look at!) that I now find myself trying to find reasons to need a washcloth! Sad, right?!


On an unrelated note, I’m thrilled to share that I have a little something in each of these wonderful magazines!

A big thank you to Alissa for including my interview in her wonderful article about modern quilting for Stitch magazine! (and thank you to all of you who have already written to congratulate me – it took me a long time to actually find a copy of Stitch!)

And another thank you to the wonderful folks at Interweave for including my Unfurnished quilt in the latest issue of International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene. It’s so fun to see it in print!

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    Sarah says:

    Oh you will use PLENTY of wash cloths with babies…and they will find other uses besides the bath tub! The getting ready for baby part is the best…you know before the actual baby steals the scene! Congrats and Congrats on your articles as well.

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    MyLyn says:

    those are adorable! did you ever do a tutorial on those? I’m expecting a little girl in 6 weeks and would love to make some!

  4. 4
    clo says:

    Now they are beautiful washcloths, maybe mumma needs some too? 😉

  5. 5
    Mary says:

    I love the washcloths- I was looking to make a baby shower gift for my sister, and I think I’ve found my project! The Michael Miller organic terry is on the way. I may do some patchy bibs as well. Beautiful work, as usual!

  6. 6
    Islay says:

    They look lovely! I’m enjoying sewing a few bits of our next baby too, but I hadn’t thought of wash cloths…

  7. 7
    Terri says:

    Congrats on your articles! I have both of those issues and noticed your name and projects – very cool! I love using washcloths, so now I think I might need to make some of these – they are SO cute!

  8. 8
    Mary Ann says:

    So fun! I’ll add those to my pile of baby ideas, I usually do burp cloths and little bibs. These are a very cool addition!

  9. 9

    Those are adorable. I love that you pieced them instead of doing just solids. I’m beginning to see that I need to add some terry and some minkee to my stash for baby items!

  10. 10

    I always used these while breastfeeding. They cover a larger part of your shoulder when the baby is hanging on it and needs to burb… You will just have to be a little patient. Those are awesome, I just used tiny guest towels when mine were little…

  11. 11

    I make some really great burp cloths with the same idea- just double the length!!

  12. 12
    Liz says:

    Those washcloths are so great! Boy, now I guess I know what my next baby-related project is. 🙂

    I was never really a washcloth-user before I had kids, but they’re very useful with babies and toddlers, so you’ll definitely get plenty of use out of them!

  13. 13
    anna says:

    so cute, I’ve been wanting to replace our icky old washcloths but haven’t found any terry cloth that I like yet, might have to check it out, thanks!

  14. 14
    Alissa says:

    Baby! Yay!! Magazines!! Another yay!! I still haven’t seen Quilt Scene in person – driving me nuts!

  15. 15
    Megan says:

    Let the parade of Ashley-made baby cuteness begin! I’m hoping to start my own parade soon too;) but ssssshhhhh don’t tell:) congrats on the fun ink too!

  16. 16
    Shannon says:

    Such cute wash cloths:) Congrats on the magazine. That is sooooo cool! Need to keep a copy for the baby’s book!

  17. 17

    Congrats on being published x’s 2!! We all love to see our name in print!

    The baby washcloths are adorable!

  18. 18

    I agree with everyone who said make burp cloths. About 8″ wide and double the length. The terry cloth is very absorbant and the fabric makes them cute, cute!

  19. 19
    Susan says:

    CONGRATS on being published! *squee!* I’m so happy for you.

    If you don’t mind sharing, from whence did you purchase the organic terry cloth? PurlBee had some marvelous baby bib kits with organic terry, but they sold out. Still, with two friends due in Dec. and Feb., I’m making AMH’s “Here We Go” baby bag with oilcloth changing pads, but now I want to make wash cloths like yours to include in the bags too! Too cute!

  20. 21
    Ally says:

    These are so cute! I would love to make some, is there a tutorial anywhere on these?

  21. 22

    The washcloths are beautiful and will come in handy, I am sure, once Baby arrives!

  22. 23
    Alice S says:

    Very cute. Do they work well? As in, absorbant? The cheapie little washcloths we had with our first 2 babies were pathetic. I would love to make some cute ones if they work well.

  23. 24
    Emily S says:

    Isn’t it so much fun making baby stuff!? One of my best projects (that definitely got the most use) were some hand dyed and personalized burp cloths that you can see here….

  24. 25
    Sharon says:

    I didn’t own any wash cloths until I had my babies. Now we have at least 30 of them. Once you’ve indulged and made another 10 or so time to start on the burp cloths!

    And congrats on the magazine stories – unfurnished looks fab in print.

  25. 26
    Karen H says:

    Your washcloths are cute. I made a bunch of bibs and burp cloths for my niece’s baby before she was born…… they are fun to make, too. Congratulations on the magazines!

  26. 27
    Jennifer says:

    Those wash cloths are adorable! You will have plenty of use for them. I was told before I had my daughter to get a heap of terry flat nappies (diapers) – not to use as nappies, but for cleaning up all types of baby messes. They have been one of the most used pieces of baby kit.

  27. 28
    Elizabeth says:

    Love the washcloths, I am going to have to make some for my little one that is one the way. Thanks for sharing the great idea 🙂

  28. 29
    Meghan says:

    Those are so cute, Ashley! Can’t wait to see more baby projects from you.

  29. 30
    Jill B says:

    Congratulations on the publications. Those washcloths are stunning. Don’t worry, you can never have too many washcloths. Mine are all threadbare. I have about 2 dozen and sometimes run out. If you do have too many, feel free to send those my way ;).

  30. 31
    Kate Conklin says:

    Congrats on the magazines!! And very cute cloths. Might have to make me some of those. You can never have too many washcloths, although I’m not sure I’d want to use those cuties on grubby fingers!

  31. 32
    Em says:

    Tutorial pretty please!! 🙂

  32. 34
    Annalia says:

    I’m not typically a washclothe user either….except with babies. Trust me, they’ll SO come in handy with baths and general clean-ups! 🙂 …oh, and they’re very cute!

  33. 35
    Wendy says:

    Those are so sweet! I love ’em!

  34. 36
    Kylie C says:

    I love the wash-cloths. such a simple idea, but incredibly useful and good to look at. Might try and whip some up for friends having babies! Thank you for the inspiration

  35. 37

    Ooh! I love your unfurnished quilt – and I hope this means that my copy of Quilt Scene (I’ve got an article in it too) is sitting in my mailbox…gotta go home and check! 😉

  36. 38
    Lana says:

    I just love those! I will make some for my new god-son – born TODAY! AND I just bought that mago today! Can’t wait now to read it!!!!
    Thank you for the inspiration!!!!

  37. 39
    Christine says:

    Love the washcloths. Did you use flannel or regular cotton fabric?

  38. 40
    Laura says:

    Very cute! And believe me, you can never have too many washcloths with a baby in the house! I thought we had far too many, but I found out very quickly I was completely wrong. 😉

  39. 41
    jill says:

    Seriously, you will not beleive how many washcloths you will use with a baby. I made about 25 little wipes when I was pregnant last time and I had about 20 baby washcloths left from former babies and I”m still always looking for something to wipe the baby up with . . babies are incredibly messy creatures.

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