things that start with “a” (anna maria & anthropologie)

Ah, Anna Maria! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the newest line, Innocent Crush, though November seemed like such a long ways away. So it was a very happy day yesterday when I discovered that the quilting weight cottons came in early to Whipstitch! I hesitated for a split second, but then very quickly had a FQ bundle in my cart (and hopefully now on its way to me!)

Also now available from Hawthorne Threads!

photo courtesy of Anna Maria Horner

And speaking of Anna Maria, while walking to get the mail yesterday, I started thinking about those tights she had pictured in the above photo. She mentioned she had gotten them at Anthropologie, which prompted me to check online to see what they had available (even though I almost never wear tights!). Imagine my surprise to come across this pair…

photo courtesy of

Perhaps you’re one of the many who love Flea Market Fancy? And perhaps you’d like to wear some (or a version thereof) on your legs? You can find this pair here. I’m not saying for sure, but a pair might have jumped right into my cart… you know, just in case a good tights-wearing opportunity should come my way!

Edited to add: Thanks to a heads-up from Kim (who has confirmed with Denyse Schmidt), I’ve been alerted that these tights are not legit. I guess mine will be going back to the store… (it’s a shame that this type of thing seems to be more and more common lately).

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