pretty polka dots (and a fabric winner!)

Thanks for all the great comments yesterday and this morning! It’s been fun reading about your weekends and also about all your favorite upcoming fabric lines. A lot of you also agreed with me that the polka dots in the new It’s a Hoot line are fun (polka dots are always fun, right?!), so when looking for a photo for this post, I figured I’d show you some more of my favorite polka dots.

These are Nani Iro double gauze fabrics, and even though I’ve yet to actually use these fabrics in any projects, I sure do love looking (and touching!) them! I don’t recall where I bought the red and aqua dots, but I did recently pick up the gray piece over at Nido. Fortunately (or unfortunately, as the case may be!) Phiona stocks lots of lovely Nani Iro fabrics, which I tend not to be able to resist.

Anyway, on to our winner! picked lucky #427, Anna. Anna commented that she’s new to quilting, so I’m hoping that these charm packs will get her on her way to making lots of quilts!

Thanks to everyone for playing along!

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