ready for the weekend…

I’m hoping to have a fabric-filled weekend, how about you? Here are a few things I’m hoping to work on this weekend…

Maybe a little something out of these fun fabrics. Now that the weather’s getting cooler, I’m turning more towards these darker, jewel-toned fabrics. They feel fall/winter-ish to me.

And I definitely need to work on using up some more scraps (they’re still multiplying!). I’ve been storing some in this fabulous new enamelware casserole dish, which was sent to me by the sweetest reader (thanks so much Sheila!!)

Perhaps I’ll find some time to finally get around to quilting this little starburst quilt!

And I think I’ll be spending a little time waiting by the mailbox for my Innocent Crush fabrics!

(there’s also a lot of cleaning that really needs to be done, but that just doesn’t sound quite as fun, does it?!)

Hope you’ll have some fabric fun this weekend too!

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