it’s done!

After hours and hours of quilting, and many hours of hand sewing the binding, I’m very happy to say that this quilt is finally finished!

I really love it, and I hope the new recipients will as well!

(full reveal later this week)

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  1. 1

    I absolutely LOVE those colors! So pretty! Can’t wait to see the full reveal!

  2. 2
    Kar says:

    Love the splashes of pink in there. Can’t wait to see the reveal. 🙂

  3. 3
    elsa says:

    the colors are wonderful! looking forward to seeing the whole quilt!

  4. 4

    doesn’t it feel incredibly epic to finish a giant quilt? After I finished binding my wedding quilt I about DIED. It’s that feeling of omg its done combined with omg I’m so proud plus a smidge of omg I never want to do that again…but then your already mentally planning the next big one…haha! Can’t wait to see it! xoxo

    • 5
      ashley says:

      Oh definitely! Queen sized quilts are BIG! (I always forget just how big until I go to quilt them!). It’s really nice to have it finished, and I might have to take a break from big quilts for a bit! 🙂

  5. 6
    Liza says:

    I spy lots of Denyse Schmidt poking out! Can’t wait to see the whole thing. It looks awesome and verrrry large!

  6. 7
    whitney says:

    NO WAY!!! I can’t believe you finished it so quickly. I guess I should be pleased that we had a weekend with such poor weather. YAY! Can’t wait to get it on our bed.

  7. 8
  8. 9
    Tacie says:

    I just found your blog and I have to say that I love it! So many quilts! I just finished my first and I was your strip quilts. I was wondering, do you just cut random sizes or if you have a set pattern for that kind of quilt. Thanks!

  9. 10
  10. 12
    Tacie says:

    Haha, make that wondering about your strip quilts. Sorry if that was confusing!

  11. 13
    emilycurfew says:

    i cant wait to see teh big reveal. i already love the color scheme.

  12. 14

    I can’t wait for the full unveiling, it looks beautiful all folded up!

  13. 15
    Lisa M says:

    I’m with Barbara…teasing’s not nice. We want to see it ALL!

  14. 16
    Jan says:

    Such a tease – I love the binding. Can’t wait to see the whole quilt. (Yeah – I know I just have to)

  15. 17
    Suzanne says:

    So cool, is that grey sashing I see? I can’t wait to see how you’ve used Hope Valley as I have a stash of it and was tossing up between white or grey sashing. Love your work!

  16. 18
    Mary Margaret says:

    The sneak peek is stunning!

  17. 19
    Amy C says:

    Sure like the part I can see!

  18. 20
    Munaiba says:

    It’s really lovely. The binding looks great.

  19. 21
    megan says:

    *swoon* I just adore Hope Valley. Haven’t cut into mine yet. I’m still at the stage of just staring at the stack of goodness in my sewing room. Can’t wait to see the Big Reveal!

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