a little destash

I’ve spent this week doing some organizing and cleaning (and almost no sewing…).We’re finally getting some new carpet in a room that’s needed it for far too long. It happens to be our den, which is also where I do all my sewing. It probably would have made sense to change out the carpet before dragging in a bunch of large, heavy furniture (and pounds and pounds of fabric!), but alas, we weren’t that smart. So in preparation for having to move everything back out of that room, I’ve been sorting and organizing and trying to get it all as neat as possible.

All this organizing has led to a pile of fabrics that I think I’m ready to part with. I’ll be listing it all as time permits throughout the rest of the week. So if you’re looking to add to your stash, take a look at the shop to see if there’s anything you’d like!

Update: Thanks to everyone who has purchased fabric! I’ll be listing a few additional pieces today and then all packages will be mailed out tomorrow morning.

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