a wonderfully wonky string quilt

Oh Anna Maria, how I love you and your gorgeous Little Folks fabrics!


I finally finished up my wonky string quilt and I’m so in love. I can’t even tell you how much I love it. So very much.


I made 11″ string blocks using a lime green solid for the center strings. To change it up a bit, I made these strings slightly wonky, sort of along the lines of Denyse Schmidt’s Any Way You Slice It quilt (I just added ‘wonk’ to my strings when sewing them to the paper, though Denyse has a pattern available in her book).  All the fabrics aside from the center strings are voile fabrics from Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks line. I think almost all of the patterns from the line are represented (I can think of one I’m missing…but maybe there are others? I’m not sure…).


I know I’ve said it before, but I’m so over the moon with the voile fabrics in a quilt. The resulting quilt is buttery soft and I want to just live my whole life surrounded by this quilt. Ok, a little crazy, but kind of true. (Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and make myself some clothes out of these fabrics instead…)

I had some minor snafus with this one – nothing serious, just a few things that made this take a bit longer than I expected.  I had a little trouble with the backing — I ended up with a solid in a gold color, which is weird, since gold wouldn’t be my first pick. I made a pieced backing, got the quilt all pinned and then realized that I really disliked the gold more than I first thought. In fact, I disliked it so much that I ended up taking the whole thing apart so I could remake the backing.


Then I couldn’t decide how to quilt it, so it sat for a bit while I stared at it and considered various options. I knew I wanted to do a minimal amount of straight line quilting to keep it as soft as possible. I finally decided to go with straight lines on the diagonal, but made them wonky to keep with the wonky aspect of the front.


I bound it in the same green as the center strings (though not before I mistakenly made, and attached, a green binding that actually didn’t match!). But ah, it’s done, and I’ve already forgotten about those issues. In fact, I’m ready to make another! (and another and another!)

Somebody stop me. Seriously.




Tutorial for string blocks

Previous posts about this quilt can be found here and here.

Finished size: approximately 62″ x 72″

Other Little Folks quilts I’ve made – Playground patchwork & Moonlight in the Trees


Little Folks fabrics can still be found at Pink Chalk Fabrics, Hawthorne Threads, and Fabricworm. (It seems that some prints are on backorder, but apparently should be due back in in early May.)


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