do you have a favorite kona solid?

I’ve been thinking about solids lately. I love them, and try to keep a selection on hand, but there are definitely a few that I return to over and over. My go-to solids, if you will… the ones I like to buy multiple yards of…


These are two of my current favorites – Kona Aqua & Kona Medium Gray. (I still love Kona Coal (very very much!) but I’m trying to give the medium gray some love too!).

Do you have any favorites? A certain color you always reach for?


(from top to bottom: Green Tea, Sage, Dark Violet, Thistle, Grass Green, Aqua, Medium Gray)


Aqua & Med. Gray purchased from Blueberry Buckle Quilt Studio. Sue carries a huge selection of Kona solids and ships really quickly!

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