flea market fancy hexagon giveaway

It’s been a long time since the last giveaway… we ought to remedy that, right?


This is kind of silly, and maybe some of you won’t be interested, but remember those hexagons? I love making them, (and I’ll probably continue making more!) but it turns out that I don’t like sewing them together…

It’s sad, because I’ve seen such lovely hexagon projects on other blogs and on flickr (and I really wanted a hexagon pillow!), but I guess my patience for handsewing just isn’t there. At the rate I’m going, I really don’t think I’ll ever get to the point of having a finished hexagon project.


Anyway, that’s where you come in. I have this stack of hexagons made out of lots of prints from the Flea Market Fancy line… anyone want them? I’m sure there’s someone out there who does have the ability and patience to sew them into something really wonderful. (or if not, maybe you just want the FMF fabric – you’re also welcome to just remove the basting stitches and you’ll have small squares of FMF)


To enter, leave a comment here letting me know what you think of hexagons – (have you tried making any?, do you like them?, how do you feel about handsewing? etc…), and maybe what you’d make out of these hexagons if you won. We’re heading back home from California today and I’ll be sitting in the airport for a good part of the day, so your comments will keep me entertained. I’ll pick a winner on Thursday…


These hexagons are 1 1/4″, and I should also note that I cut out the paper hexagon shapes by hand, so I can’t absolutely guarantee that they’re all perfectly exact. I did my best though, so hopefully they’ll fit together as they should!!

Oh, and of course international entries are accepted!

Thanks for all your wonderful comments! Comments are now closed and I’ll pick and announce a winner tomorrow morning!

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