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Wow! Thanks for all the great comments on the hexagon giveaway! You kept me thoroughly entertained during my layover. I think it’s pretty funny how many of you think that the basting part is the less fun part, while I think the opposite. It’s making me rethink it though – all those comments, and all the love for hexagons has encouraged me to give the handsewing another try. I might (maybe!) attempt a pillow out of the hexagons I have left (those that match the manly quilt I’m making). Don’t hold your breath though. It could be a while. Speaking of pillows, I was amazed and touched by those of you who so generously offered to make me that pillow cover I’ve been wanting…. you all are too sweet!

So, I made a few more hexagons while on the plane… it really does pass the time quite nicely! The other benefit of it is all the people you’ll meet in the airport or on the plane when you pull out some handsewing (though I think maybe some of those people were more curious how I got my scissors on board!). I ended up with a fair number of hexagons, so I decided to let random.org pick two winners…

Lucky #137 & #221!!

Strangely enough, when I went looking for those commenters, I found that they are both people I ‘know’ from the online world!

#137 is Emily. I actually had a chance to meet Emily in person just recently while I was in California. I got to attend a meeting of the LA Modern Quilt Guild and Emily was there with her camera in hand and a beautiful quilt she had just finished. Hi Emily!!

and #221 is Sarah, who was part of the Block Party quilting bee, which was the first quilting bee I was in. (oops, my bad…wrong Sarah!) I know Sarah a bit from several emails we exchanged while she was doing a lot of work with the Craft Hope for Haiti shop. She’s soon to have a new baby girl and commented that a little hexagon pillow would be perfect for her bed.

Thanks again to all who commented!

Happy weekend!

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