hope valley quilts 2 & 3

Thanks for all the great comments on my hope valley quilt series! And a big thanks to my family for being willing to hold the quilts up for photos (I lucked out and caught them on a surprisingly warm day (warm for December in Vermont, anyway…) while they were waiting to get snow tires on the car…)


So here’s the second quilt of the series, as signified by the two squares at the top!


On this one, I decided to keep the four quilt blocks close together, using just a tiny bit of sashing to separate them. I placed them in the lower corner and filled in the rest of the quilt with Kona Snow.


The back of this one is my favorite, I think. I wasn’t sure about all that orange, but once I added the white on either side I really loved it.


That tiny strip of the purple floral print really does it for me. Totally.

I quilted this one with random straight lines, which I drew on with a washable marker. To add something extra, I went for a double line on a few of these lines. Love!


And then we have the third in the series… I love the color of this one. Purple was never really one of my favorites, but it’s definitely growing on me!


I knew I wanted to use the purple as the background color, so I added a thick white border to each block to make them pop.


There’s a bit more purple on the back, along with pieces of the remaining prints. I quilted this one on the diagonal in one direction using randomly spaced lines. I love the randomness of it, as well as the not perfectly straight lines.

They each measure about 35″ x 40″, give or take a bit. I’d love to hang them as a series, but quite frankly we just don’t have the wall space! So they’re listed in the shop instead…


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