a series of Hope Valley quilts

Remember the quilt blocks I made using Denyse Schmidt’s purple and orange Hope Valley fabrics? I ended up with 16 blocks, and at first, figured I’d just use them all to make one largish lap quilt, as usual. As I kept looking at them though, I kept coming back to this idea I had of a series of smaller quilts, all using the same fabrics but in different combinations. I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so here you have it!


I used 4 of my Hope Valley quilt blocks for each quilt, and then did a slightly different arrangement for each one, changing up the placement of the blocks, the borders, the background colors, and also the quilting.


My favorite part, which you can’t see too closely here, is the addition of tiny squares somewhere on the quilt front which I used as a type of labeling system to signify the order in which they were made. You can see the 1 little square in the quilt on the far right, which was the first of the series. Love it!


The backs are all pieced, using up the remaining printed and solid fabrics, and each quilt is bound with one of the purple Hope Valley prints.


And indeed, I just love them, each and every one (but you probably already knew that, right?!)

I’ll post a closer look at each one over the next couple of days!

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