a black friday heather ross giveaway

We took part in the Black Friday madness one year – heading out at some really early hour. If I recall, it was snowing and sleeting, and quite cold. For whatever reason, we headed to Home Depot, where we bought a flashlight and a shop vac. Maybe they were really great deals, or maybe there were really limited quantities of these items. Probably not though. Something tells me that we could have gotten those deals at any time that day. Or any day, even.


There was something kind of fun about searching for a deal at some crazy early hour, but since then I’ve decided to stick to finding deals online instead. While wearing slippers and sweatpants. And drinking coffee.

Speaking of, here are a couple sales I’ll probably be taking advantage of –

Pink Chalk Fabrics – Kathy’s having a Pink Friday sale. You can head over to her shop to see what’s on sale. There’s also free shipping if you spend $50 or more (I’m always sucked in by free shipping!).

Fabricworm – 15% off orders over $100 with coupon code thanks150ff, good until 11/30. (And for those who asked, I hear that Cynthia will be getting Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley in her shop midweek next week.)


Anyway, it doesn’t stop me from wanting to hear stories of those who do head out early to find deals on Black Friday. So perhaps a giveaway will entice you to tell those stories…. how about you leave a comment here to be entered to win – Do you go out shopping on Black Friday? Have you found great deals? Do you wait in line for hours to be the first in the store? If you do not, or if you live somewhere where today is just another Friday, then of course feel free to leave me a comment about anything!

I’ll select two winners this time and each winner will win two fat quarters of fabric. I’ve selected a few of my very favorite out of print Heather Ross fabrics from her Lightning Bugs line – goldfish, banana seat bikes, VWs… I love them all! I’ll let the first person selected have their pick of two, and then the second winner will win the remaining two fat quarters. Sound good? Let the commenting begin!

(oh, I’ll select the winners on Monday morning)

Comments are now closed. I’ll select a winner soon!

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