3 new quilts in the shop, 2 winners, and 1 newly revised blog

I think that title says it all, right?

Three quilts – There are many quilts that I’ve made in the past that I’ve decided not to add to the shop, mainly because I feel like I can’t bear to part with them. But in all honesty, we only use 3 quilts on a regular basis (this one, this one, and this one, in case you were wondering!). The others end up stacked in an increasingly large pile on our guest room bed. I’ve decided it might be time to add a few to the shop.  So you can now find a few additional quilts for sale there if you’re interested, including one of my very favorites, the munki martians quilt. I would be lying if I said I hope they sell quickly. In fact I don’t. I kind of hope they don’t sell at all (but then at least I can say I tried!)


Two winners – Indeed. I loved reading all your comments this weekend! It seems there were lots of you who did brave the crowds, and lots who decided to skip it. Great stories all around – thanks so much! You really just want to know who won though, right?

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The first winner is number 138, Nikki. It sounds like she did go out to Joann’s, but ended up leaving empty handed due to the crowds. Congratulations Nikki – you’ll have your pick of 2 of the fat quarters!

Denise, commenter #106, will win the remaining 2 fat quarters!

Thanks to everyone for all the comments!

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One updated blog – I decided a little updating was in order. I’m embarrassed to say that my list of finished quilts was getting a bit out of hand, so I’ve added a menu bar (ok, I didn’t actually do it… I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who knows of these sorts of things!). You can now find a drop down menu which shows photos of all my completed quilts. You can click on any photo to be taken to the corresponding blog post. There are a few other changes as well, but that one was my primary request. I hope you like it!

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