an echino patchwork quilt


Don’t you just love patchwork squares? I do, and I have a hard time keeping myself from cutting all my fabrics into squares and recombining them into a variety of patchwork square quilts. As I type this, I’m staring across the table at a pile of newly cut squares for a second echino patchwork quilt. Tell me if I get too repetitive and boring, ok?


So you know of my love of Etsuko Furuya’s fabrics. They’re a great cotton/linen blend and the prints are always so fun. I already have my eye on a number of the new prints which just came out. I’m especially loving Bird Song… oh, and that one with peacocks – how can you go wrong?

Anyway, for this one I pulled out several prints appropriate for a boyish quilt, since I’m always lacking in that department. I added in several Kona solids, as well as some great linen in a corresponding color. The squares in this quilt measure 3.5″.


The back is a solid green – one of my newest favorite Kona colors – artichoke, zucchini? I can’t remember at the moment (and I don’t have my color chart in front of me!) but it’s a nice one. Take my word. I bought several yards of it from Kathy, so expect to see it popping up in other quilts as well!

I kept the quilting simple – just a few straight lines. Instead of sewing a 1/4″ away from each seam, I opted to sew 2 lines 1/4″ away from one seam in the horizontal direction, and then for the vertical lines I alternated 2 lines with a single line. (I’m never good at explaining this type of thing, but maybe you can see it in the photos!)


It’s bound in a chocolate brown solid and it measures about 34″ x 43″. And I love it. I really, really do.

But alas, it’s listed in the shop, in case someone who actually has a boy, or knows someone who’s having a boy, has a need for a nice new quilt! Sold! Thanks Katherine!

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