munki in the middle quilt


So what can I tell you about this quilt? Maybe I should just tell you how much I love it and leave it at that?

I think you already know how much I love these fabrics. I’ve been collecting them for quite a long time now, with help from many online friends (thanks everyone!). I’m currently working on a quilt with many of the prints, but it’s slow going. So in the meantime, I wanted to do something that would be a little faster and would use some of the prints I hadn’t yet used.


Since these fabrics weren’t designed as part of a fabric line, they don’t necessarily all work together, and sometimes it makes it hard for me to think how to use them in a quilt. (I feel like the quilt should make sense, you know? But maybe that’s silly…). At the same time, I feel the urge to keep them all together, even though you might look at it and wonder why there are kittens paired with tennis players with a few pears thrown in. As I was contemplating this the other night, I pulled them all out again just to look at them and I realized that I really love the background colors, especially when they’re all together. The colors are so bright and fun — hot pink, lime green, orange, purple & turquoise. I decided to go with those colors to create a really bright and colorful quilt based around these fabrics.

Each munki munki center has a really thin white solid around it and then on half of them I used a solid as the second layer, followed by a print, and the reverse on the other half.


And then I sashed all the blocks in white. And like I said earlier, I love it. (Although these photos really don’t do it justice! I should probably retake them when the sun’s out and I have someone around to hold it up!)


For the back, I used an Amy Butler solid and I pieced in a few extra munki munki blocks.


I wasn’t sure about this yellow polka dot for the binding, since I had a feeling that the polka dots were too spread apart, and possibly wouldn’t even show on the binding, but in the end I went with it anyway because I really wanted to use yellow for the binding (and it turns out my stash is a little lacking in yellow!). The polka dots do show in some places and not in others, which actually kind of works with my quilt design – half solids, half prints… ah ha!

This little quilt measures about 27″ x 34″, and is now listed in the shop!


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