a little leaf peeping with strawberries & champagne


It was a lovely fall weekend here, so we took my newly completed quilt top, Strawberries & Champagne, out for a bit of sight seeing and leaf peeping… I mean, really, why wouldn’t you?


(this scene would have been even better if this was a fall colored quilt top!)

For this quilt, I pulled some brown, pink and gold prints and then paired them with a brown, gold and several pink solids. You know how I love these types of blocks – lots of squares within squares, done without any sashing. On this one, I made 10″ blocks, which resulted in a quilt top of about 48″ x 57″.


It will make for a perfect crib sized quilt or a nice lap quilt or even a nice picnic blanket (didn’t someone suggest this in the last post? Eating strawberries and drinking champagne while relaxing on a quilt of the same name? If we weren’t headed into winter here, I might be tempted…)


I’m loving it so far! Better get to work on a backing!


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