a little leaf peeping with strawberries & champagne


It was a lovely fall weekend here, so we took my newly completed quilt top, Strawberries & Champagne, out for a bit of sight seeing and leaf peeping… I mean, really, why wouldn’t you?


(this scene would have been even better if this was a fall colored quilt top!)

For this quilt, I pulled some brown, pink and gold prints and then paired them with a brown, gold and several pink solids. You know how I love these types of blocks – lots of squares within squares, done without any sashing. On this one, I made 10″ blocks, which resulted in a quilt top of about 48″ x 57″.


It will make for a perfect crib sized quilt or a nice lap quilt or even a nice picnic blanket (didn’t someone suggest this in the last post? Eating strawberries and drinking champagne while relaxing on a quilt of the same name? If we weren’t headed into winter here, I might be tempted…)


I’m loving it so far! Better get to work on a backing!


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32 Responses to a little leaf peeping with strawberries & champagne

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    Mary says:

    What a beautiful quilt top! And Oh My! Where’s that crying face icon? I want to move back to New England – it is in the 90’s here. I’m wilting!

  3. 3
    Tracy says:

    Wow, the scenery is beautiful! I love the use of all the solids, it’s a nice touch.

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    Ellen says:

    The quilt is lovely, but that tree is amazing! Fall is starting to creep in here in NC, so no color yet, but soon!

  6. 6
    jacquie says:

    i envy the fall colors you have…i have a little quilt envy too!

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    Cara says:

    Ooh – a fireplace picnic! I don’t know where you’d find strawberries in the winter, though…

  8. 8
    Julie says:

    The quilt is very pretty. Those trees are amazingly beautiful! I’m visualizing those colors in a quilt. I love Autumn time.

  9. 9
    Faith says:

    Oh it’s so pretty – the quilt and fall in Vermont!

  10. 10
    nettie says:

    beautiful! i don’t know what i like more, the quilt top, or the scenery!

  11. 11
    Alissa says:

    So beautiful! Both the quilt top and the amazing foliage. I love the weather here in LA but I still (15 years later!) miss those New England falls!!

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    Chelsea says:

    Gorgeous! The trees and the quilt 🙂 Im not gonna lie these colors made me uneasy when you first posted them, but now seeing them
    together I love it!

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    You do the most amazing things with solids. I love the combination of pink and brown, and the addition of gold was brilliant. Great photography by the way (as always…)

  14. 14
    giselle says:

    The quilt is beautiful, but dang those trees are magnificant! I live in SoCal, so I’m jealous of people who get to experience a colorful fall.
    p.s. thanks for your advice about solid whites… I’ve been loving kona natural (bright whites still make me nervous)

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    Allie says:

    Beautiful! I love tho color combo!

  16. 16
    Laurie says:

    You really have a way with putting things together seemingly random, that just looks so darn good. It is a gift. I have a hard time doing random, but I’m working on it! 35 squares done on my crazy scraps string quilt that you inspired.

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    beth says:

    your pics and the quilt are amazing!

  18. 18

    I love all the pinks and browns, and the touch of yellow is a perfect accent. It is adorable!!

  19. 19
    Kyla says:

    LOVE the quilt!!!! i just love the pink and brown combination!!!! yes it might have fitted better if it was fall colors. BEAUTIFUL once again. love the pics

  20. 20
    Kate says:

    I could really do with some strawberries and champers now but will be very content to look at your gorgeous photos!

  21. 21
    LeeAnn says:

    One of the first photo’s in the post made me giggle. I couldn’t help but look at the pair of legs sticking out of the bottom of the quilt and think, “Man, that quilt grew two legs and just walked away.” If only it found its way to my home! It also begs to question if the fork ran away with the spoon, who did the quilt run away with?

  22. 22
    bekah says:

    i can’t wait for you to quilt this badboy. it’s gonna be amazing. thanks so much for sharing your quilts with us. you are inspiring.

  23. 23
    Jane Swanson says:

    Your blog is so aptly named! Your photos are stunning and this quilt is so awesome!

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    Zarina says:

    I love how it turned out. It would make a very nice lap quilt in the winter – brings color to an otherwise sad and cold day.

  26. 26
    Rachel says:

    Such a gorgeous top! Beautiful colours and amazing blocks! Truly inspirational.

  27. 27
    Sandra says:

    This quilt is georgeous, love the colorcombination!
    Oh and the tree is amazing…

  28. 28
    Donnnelly says:

    This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day!

  29. 29
    Allison says:

    Oh this is definitely one of my favorites, I think its the color combo its so pretty and calming! Those blocks always take me forever to make (mostly to iron) I’m amazed how quickly you make them and they look like each one took forever! Lovely lovely quilt!

  30. 30
    amandajean says:

    i love the brilliant fall colors! your quilt is beautiful as well!

  31. 31
    Zarina says:

    I can’t find the link to PM you. I wanted to ask you if you don’t mind if I copy your color combo of this quilt to make my hand painted (dyed) threads – HDT. Check out my blog for the complete list of the HDTs I have made so far (its at the navigation menu on the left)

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    finger thumb says:

    Beautiful quilt, but what really drew me to this post is the gorgeous photo of the fall colours against the sky. I took an oddly similar photo posted here.
    But I think you’ve captured the colours better.

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