i heart my new Kona color chart.


You’ve probably seen this color chart around, and maybe you already have one. I know I was reluctant to buy one… I debated for a long time, then kept convincing myself that I didn’t really need it. I was sure I could keep all my favorite solid color names in my head.


Then I started ordering more and more solids, in a variety of shades, and I finally gave in and bought one. And let me tell you, it’s a wonderful thing! So now I can tell you that the solid white I’m using in the new Strawberries & Champagne quilt is actually ‘snow’, while the white I used in my munki munki martians quilt (to be shown tomorrow!) is ‘natural’. I had no idea.

If you’re thinking about buying a color chart, I got mine from Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics.

P.S. She also has a great selection of Kona solids. And she might be the fastest shipper I’ve found! Thanks Kathy!

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  1. 1
    Audrie says:

    I might need to get one of those charts as I start to get more adventurous with my solids!

  2. 2
    CJ says:

    Sighhhhhhhhhh, I want one of those. I think I NEED one of those! I live in PODUNK! I buy 98% of my fabric online. Most the times I am guessing at the colors – due to computer variations. But I just haven’t justified the cost when I could be using that money to buy fabric!!! I am sure you know what I mean. Now if I could convince someone that I this would be a great Christmas gift.

  3. 3

    I just got one at purl last week and I love it to, I was going to post about how great it is I just never got around to it, Glad I am not the only one who was reluctant to buy it though.

  4. 4
    Kaye Prince says:

    I definitely want one of these too, it would be a great tool when ordering fabric online. And isn’t Kathy over at Pink Chalk Studios just fabulous? I really like her.

  5. 5
    Meg says:

    I finally caved in last month and got one for myself, too. One of the best investments I’ve made in my quilting journeys. 🙂

  6. 6

    Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics is fabulous! She bailed me out in a pinch–with super speedy shipping. And I may need to get this Kona color card. And I can’t wait to see your next quilt!

  7. 7
    Nichole says:

    I bought one of those cards as soon as she stocked them! I LOVE it! It is so helpful!

  8. 8

    Ace! I use mine all of the time and not just for Kona fabrics. Sometimes when I’m thinking of swapping with a friend who is finishing a quilt and I may have the perfect piece for them, I pull out the chart and say “it’s got little kiwi green leaves which set off the stripes. The stripes are halfway between everglade and bayou.” She then looks at her chart and can understand if it’s the right colours without having to guess about the correctness in the phtoo. It’s been amazingly helpful for me!

  9. 9
    Tonya says:

    Minus the names of the quilts this post was about to be on my blog. I have also been going back and forth on getting the color card, even put it in my cart several times, then deleted it at the last minute. I finally broke down and bought it at the end of last week, specifically for two HR quilts I am about to start. I purchased it from my very fav shop, Pink Chalk, on Friday morning and I received it on Saturday. I haven’t stopped staring at since, it is wonderful. Kathy is wonderful too!

    I can’t wait to see your martian quilt. I am just about to start my Munki Munki and Lightning bugs quilts. At first I was going to make one, but I have collected so much fabric I think I need one of each. Yes, I definitely need two HR quilts.

  10. 10
    Raven says:

    Me too….so funny, I got mine from Kathy sometime last week!! Seemed scary how quickly is showed up, really!
    And like Tonya, I too must start on a second HR quilt since the first is too small.
    It really an amazing $15 in the fabric world!

  11. 11
    Rachel says:


    the mini quilt was waiting on me when I got home from work this evening! It is even more beautiful in person. I’m so excited-I’ve been looking for something to hang above my bed and the quilt goes with the bedroom PERFECTLY! Thank you so much!!

  12. 12
    amanda says:

    a little question, what kona did you use for your munki quilt? I want to buy some pale green and pale blue that would match them.

  13. 13
    Tiffany says:

    It is handy, isn’t it 🙂

  14. 14
    Amber says:

    I agree- Kathy has the best selection of solids and has great customer service and speedy shipping!

  15. 15
    Jackie says:

    I just love Kona cotton. There are several that are my faves and I have gone so far as to buy whole bolts of the stuff!!

  16. 16
    Terri says:

    Now I feel like I definitely need to order some of these cotton solids from Kathy AND one of those cool color charts! I love that!

  17. 17
    Kathy says:

    Thanks for the shout out Ashley! Next time I need to sell out of something very quickly I know who to call 🙂 More are on order, I plan to always have these in stock so no worries about getting one. Have a fabulous week!

  18. 18
    Kyla says:

    haha i love how organized you are!!!!! dont worry i would do the same thing. this was a great investment. cant wait to see the new quilts

  19. 19
    Adrianne says:

    I second all of that! I ordered mine from Pink Chalk Fabrics too about a month ago. Aren’t the colors pretty?!?! I like to open it up and think of all the possibilities. 🙂

  20. 20
    kristin says:

    I love Kathy and I love my Kona Cotton color card. I’m a novice quilter, but I feel a little more confident knowing I have all those little soldiers behind me.

  21. 21
    Debbie says:

    I got my color chart earlier this summer and was SO happy! I love it. I haven’t looked yet, but I hope the new colors hit the stores soon!

  22. 22
    Tracy says:

    You know it’s so funny, I just bought one of this last friday from Kathy! I can’t wait for it to get here, hopefully just a couple more days! Also Kathy had the best price + shipping for the color chart that I found online. I buy most of my fabric online too, and it’s going to be wonderful to match solids to the designer prints.

  23. 23
    amandajean says:

    i’ve been debating buying one of those too! now i see i’ll have to wait, as she’s sold out. boo hoo.

  24. 24
    Kristin says:

    This is something I didn’t realize I needed until you told me! That would be an excellent resource to have in the sewing room. I’m also a big fan of PCF and of Kathy! I will head right over there.

  25. 25
    pamela says:

    In quilting one can never have to much of solid kona fabrics. Yours are outstanding.

  26. 26
    Norma says:

    LOL I just got one about 2 weeks ago and I love it!!! I buy a lot of my solids from Hancocks of Paducah. I also debated for-evah before getting it. But I love it!! and I love staring at it 🙂

  27. 27
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