making progress?

It’s strange not to have a completed quilt to show you this week… when I’ve had a chance to sew, I’ve just been working on blocks for either my block party quilt or for the string quilt. I think I nearly have enough blocks for the block party quilt, and once I receive blocks from 2 more people, I should be ready to put it together. Here are a couple more I made to add in…



And then, since I can’t help myself, I decided to start a new quilt. I’ve wanted to make one with these colors for quite some time. I think it will be a baby quilt, so I can get some satisfaction of being able to finish a quilt!


So that’s about it… well, aside from a bit of organizing… I’m not sure how my fabric manages to find its way into every room of the house, but it does. Seriously. Even places like the kitchen and the bathroom, where frankly, it really has no business being. I finally collected it all and now I just need to put it away (although it is quite pretty stacked like this!)


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