thoughts of pink and purple houses…

A repeat of another favorite!


I love Heather Ross’s Far Far Away fabrics, and I think they make a splendid quilt, due in part to the wonderful colors and prints, and also because the double gauze is so soft! For this one I cut 6″ squares of the prints (I think I managed to include all the prints from this line except one that I was missing).


I decided to make it extra girly, so the back is two pinks from Amy Butler’s solids, with a strip of some of the prints from the front… and another princess, just for good measure!


A little story for you – back in the day, (long enough ago, and when I was young enough that the story isn’t that embarrassing!) my life’s dream was to be a ballerina. I was kind of clumsy though, and not really ballerina material, so I had to come up with a new dream. My cousin and I decided that we should become house painters (I’m quite glad that never came to fruition!). We decided we would set ourselves apart by only painting houses pink and purple. (Did I mention this was my male cousin? Yes Zach, I’m talking about you!) Anyway, the pink and purple backing of this quilt immediately made me think of this dream.

But back to the quilt… It’s bound in a solid purple. I quilted this one with straight lines again, trying to keep the quilting to a minimum so it would stay as soft as possible. The lines run diagonally through the squares in one direction, and in the other direction I used two diagonal lines for a little variety and some extra interest. It makes a lovely pattern on the back. This one measures about 42″ x 52″.


It’s all washed, dried and crinkly and soft… and now for sale in the shop! Sold!

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