boots for elephants baby quilt


This quilt was so fun to make. I actually forgot that I had bought this great Marimekko panel… I think I bought it while I was in Florida, right before our wedding (when I was spending more time than I should have been shopping for fabric rather than taking care of last minute wedding details!) Anyway, the other night I came across this same piece of fabric online and read this description of it:

“Karkuteillä can be translated to “being at large” and these animals certainly seem to be up to something. The elephant and the zebra are wearing funny boots in an attempt to disguise themselves.”


Suddenly I wanted to make a quilt out of it right away. The thought of the animals escaping the zoo in their fancy shoes just makes me smile, each and every time I think of it.


So I pulled some corresponding fabrics and came up with this fun stripe design for the other side.


And I know I told you these aren’t colors I usually like… so you might laugh when I tell you how much I love this quilt. And I do. Very much.

I stippled this one and then finished it off with a great red and white striped binding.


It measures about 50″ square, and I’m really, really tempted to keep it, but I know the look Morgan will give me. A look that sort of says “are you crazy?” (but in a nice way, of course!) So for now, I’m going to list it in the shop, but once again, I might secretly be hoping that it doesn’t sell! Sold! Thanks Caroline!


(oh, and the name? mainly because it reminds me of the circus, and so it seemed appropriate to name it after one of my favorite books, Water for Elephants… (if you haven’t read it, you should!))

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36 Responses to boots for elephants baby quilt

  1. 1
    Meg McCarthy says:

    Fantastic!! I’ve discovered so many bloggers out here who are big fans of stippling. Are there any good tutorials you can point me to?


  2. 2
    Kate says:

    This would look great in a nursery, Ash!!!! 🙂 Nice work!

  3. 3
    erin says:

    (and thanks for the nice mail!)

  4. 4
    Whitney says:


    i hope it doesn’t sell, too. in fact, i think you should take it out of your shop and put it right back on your massive pile. besides, morgan obviously likes a little crazy.

  5. 5
    Amber says:

    It’s gorgeous – and would be wonderful hanging in a nursery…you should secretly stash it somewhere!!

  6. 6
    Katie B says:

    That’s such a cool panel! Love the quilt.

  7. 7
    Carrie says:

    What a great panel, and the backing and binding you pieced go perfectly.

  8. 8
    Tif says:

    what a wonderful quilt! it’s such a great panel, and the back is just lovely!

  9. 9
    Audrie says:

    That’s so pretty!!! You did a fab job piecing the backing… lovely job 🙂

  10. 10
    nettie says:

    i love this quilt! i might have to find a panel for myself, I’ve never seen it before. the back is beautiful too!

  11. 11
    c says:

    How very fun! Some little kid is going to be enamored with this quilt! LOVE the piecing on the other side too… The Red Letter Day is sweet!

  12. 12
  13. 13
  14. 14
    bekhy says:

    what a wonderful panel! It will make a perfect baby quilt.

  15. 15
    anina says:

    Two quilts in one! I absolutely love this.

  16. 16

    One of my friends kept a secret stash of stuff for when they eventually had a baby. If that is your direction maybe this can make its way in there?

  17. 17
    Julie says:

    That is so adorable – I love it! I was thinking that maybe you were making a string quilt when you first introduced the fabrics and said they “weren’t your usual colors.”

    It’s a really neat quilt, some one is going to buy that one.

  18. 18
  19. 19
    Kate says:

    A great quilt Ashley and lovely to see a panel used as the front!

  20. 20
    Collette says:

    I love that panel and the quilt is truly adorable.

  21. 21
  22. 22
    Marty says:

    Very fun quilt. I haven’t ever done the stippling. I’d like to try it though. I’ve always had my quilts machine quilted by someone else. I’m currently working on my first machine quilting myself. Then I will graduate to stippling.

  23. 23
    Heidi says:

    Ashley, What is your technique when sandwiching your quilts? Do you use that sticky spray? Or giant safety pins? Or something else?? Do you use a darning needle when you quilt? I have too many questions I know. I just need the details. LOL.

  24. 24
  25. 25
    Kyla says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! The elephant is adorable!!!! it makes me smile ever time i see it :). Im sure Morgan wouldn’t mind too much if you kept it. Im also pretty positive that you’ve gotten that look before and ignored it. Glad that you decided yo make it.

  26. 26
    Sally says:

    That is the coolest baby blanket ever. I love it.

  27. 27
    Laura says:

    Very cute! I just love the boots on the elephant.

  28. 28
    Amy says:

    As much as I love the whole thing – the red striped binding is by far my favorite part!

  29. 29
    Colleen says:

    That is the cutest quilt I have ever seen! I just love the elephant and giraffe print. I am so tempted to buy it, but I don’t even have any kids! LOL

  30. 30
    Alana says:

    I love that book – “Water for Elephants” and I love your quilt!! So cute!

  31. 31
    Nancy says:

    Love it!!! It is so modern, couldn’t it be for a grown up kid?!? I’d love to hang it in my office.

  32. 33
    bonnie says:

    for sure you should keep this one. it so darn cute… the backing looks great!

  33. 34
    Hedgehog says:

    You inspired me to get out this fabric in another colorway (and with the boots cut off – it was a remnant) and get to work! Love what you did with this!

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  35. 35
    Michelle Gardner says:

    Is this the heavyweight cotton wall panel worth $360.00???
    Or is there a cheaper lightweight panel.
    Just trying to source it, sorry if you find this to be intrusive
    Have a great day

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