a hit and a miss

So far summer’s not been good for my sewing… between the nice weather and my real job, I’m not feeling like sitting inside in front of the sewing machine when I have free time! And I hate to hope for rainy days – we’ve already had too many of them. I suppose it just means that things will get completed at a slower pace…

I did finally get around to making the back for the modified bento box quilt (still no tutorial – sorry!). Hoping I’ll find some time this weekend to get it quilted.


I also started what I had hoped would be a quick project… a simple little summer dress using this great new Echino double gauze fabric. No luck.

I considered using the Socialite pattern again, but then thought maybe I should try out a different pattern. I should have known better. I don’t like patterns to begin with, so it’s probably a good idea to stick to those I’ve already tried and know I can follow! I don’t know exactly which pattern this is, but I can tell you I’m not a fan.

The back is ok, although pretty shapeless…


but the front leaves a bit to be desired (I don’t even want to show you!) and the view from the side – wow! not flattering. Not even a teeny tiny bit! I give it a thumbs down


(it was actually two thumbs down, but only one got pictured!) I’m going to try to make something wearable out of it – hopefully I have enough fabric left to make something a bit more flattering – a skirt, perhaps?

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