far far away squared


I didn’t have enough willpower to resist ordering a fat quarter of each of the prints from Heather Ross’ Far Far Away line. They arrived the other day and they looked so great all together that I decided to make one of my favorite simple charm square quilts. Sometimes I just can’t resist a quilt made up of squares of all the fabric from one line (like here, with the Katie Jump Rope prints, or here with the MoMo Wonderland prints).

Boy was it hard to cut into these though! I looked at them for a long time, touched and rearranged them for a while and then took the plunge… I opted for 6″ squares, and I think I ended up doing 6 of each print to make the quilt large enough (it has to be large enough to cover me, as I’m definitely not giving this one up!)


I considered adding a solid border to make it a bit bigger, but I think I’m going to just leave it as it is. It will probably get a solid color for the backing – I’m leaning towards a corresponding purple, but I’ll have to wait for my order from Pink Chalk Fabrics to arrive to see what matches best (free shipping on orders over $50 this weekend – yay! …you know me and a deal!)


I think I’m really going to love it!  (ok, I already do!)

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