I finished my first quilt!

This is the very first quilt top I made, let’s see… about nine months ago. Since then, I guess I got busy with other (smaller!) quilts. Perhaps pulling it out and posting about it the other day got me motivated to finally finish it…


I finished it up last week, but then the weather wasn’t cooperating for photos… Saturday was nice and sunny though, and since my sister seems to think that you’re all tired of seeing photos in our backyard, I took Morgan, my sister and the quilt on a little outing… most of these photos are brought to you courtesy of some farmer’s cow field (thanks, random farmer!)


Only in Vermont you’d include cows in your quilt photos, right?!

Some of them seemed ok with being part of the photo shoot, but others looked less pleased…


Quilting it? Kind of a pain in the butt elbow, actually. But happily, aside from the pain it caused in my right arm, quilting it on my regular machine wasn’t as bad as I expected. (guess I shouldn’t have put it off for so long!)

This quilt is made from a lot of Amy Butler fabrics, with some Joel Dewberry and Jennifer Paganelli fabrics mixed in. These are truly the very first fabrics I purchased, way before I knew how obsessed I’d become. Each block is 8″ square, I believe, and each contains three different fabrics. Then all sashed in white. And it’s big! The photos above only show half of the quilt – below is a photo of the entire front.


I enjoy looking at this one because I very specifically recall cutting and sewing these blocks, and not really being very sure about my measuring and cutting skills. One block in particular I recall ended up almost an inch smaller, and at the time, I just decided it wouldn’t matter (ha!). Luckily, quilting glosses over many errors!

The back is predominantly white, with one offset strip of mini blocks


Anyway, it’s all washed and cozy, and now I just want to lay under it on the couch. As I said, it’s a big one – 72″ x 94″ . It covers our queen sized bed, but doesn’t hang over as much as I’d like. Apparently I wasn’t concerned back then about making sure it was a size that would actually fit the bed! Minor details…


Spring to finish for May = 1

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