sunday with my seam ripper

Do you have days like those? I was so productive on Saturday and got a couple quilt backs sewn up, and some quilt sandwiches made. We had a rainy and gray weekend, so I thought I’d see if I could get a couple quilted, and maybe even one completely finished by the end of the weekend. No such luck.

I started in on the scrappy borders quilt (temporary name only – I don’t like the sound of that one!) and thought that maybe instead of stippling, I’d go for concentric squares inside each block. It started out well enough, but after doing a few of them, I realized that the adhesive wasn’t doing its job and the center of the quilt was going to end up with a lot of puckers if I kept going.


Unfortunately, I like this quilt a lot, and I couldn’t bear to see it ruined, so out came the seam ripper. And as you all know, what takes only half an hour to sew, takes about 3 hours to rip out! And to top it off, I managed to snag the top of the quilt and make a little hole.

I’m not letting it get the best of me though. I got it all ripped out and patched up, remade the quilt sandwich, and got it quilted by the end of the night. And it looks good. If I hadn’t told you, I don’t think anyone would realize how trying this was!

Oh, and little peek at the back. I’ve had the book Material Obsession for a while now and ever since I saw the photo on the cover I knew that I wanted a quilt with a lot of this green Flea Market Fancy on the back. This scrap quilt seemed like a perfect choice!


I’m off to pick a binding…

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