same scraps, different quilt

Instead of putting away all the remaining strips and scraps from the string quilt, I decided to use them to make up this new quilt top. You may recall this quilt pattern – it was the first quilt I completed in 2009. I knew I wanted to make another one, and I kept picturing it with brightly colored scraps.


I typically try to avoid using the exact same fabric combo in more than one quilt, but in this case I’m going with it, since I think the end result will be quite different. As opposed to the last quilt which used just a tiny bit of white, the majority of this one is white. So even though they use mainly the same fabrics, I don’t think you’ll you notice.


I sewed all the scraps together to form strips, cut them down to 3″ in width, and sewed these to solid white blocks. The measurements and info about the blocks can be found here.


And now I better get busy making quilt backs. I’ve got a growing stack that need finishing!

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