Fuchsia Seas baby quilt

So it’s no secret that I was looking forward to doing a little quilting. I originally pulled out my spring quilt to cut more blocks, but then decided I needed a smaller, quicker project. Instant gratification, you know? I opted to make this cute little baby quilt instead. It’s one that I had intended to make over a month ago, before I left for Florida – thinking I might try selling a couple baby quilts locally. We’ll see…


Anyway, for this one I used mainly Heather Ross prints – I do love them so! I hadn’t used any of the fuchsia and gold prints, so that’s what I went with for this quilt. I really love the fuchsia color, and think it makes a great baby girl quilt in a slightly less ordinary color scheme.


(you can see that the late day sun gives the colors a very different look!)

I used the same pattern as Ryan’s This End Up quilt – just sized down to baby quilt size. The back is made up of a large piece of Amy Butler Coriander which matches the fuchsia prints pretty perfectly. I used remaining pieces from the front to create one simple strip of blocks which is set off by one smaller white strip on either size.


And now that it’s done, I want to keep it for myself! (isn’t that always the case?!)

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