Weekend Sewing – Ruby’s Bloomers!


You already know how much I love Heather Ross’s new book, Weekend Sewing. I’m almost embarrassing myself by how much I’ve been gushing over it. I’m sure no one really cares that I take it with me in the car as my reading material, or that I find myself flipping through it to just look at the pictures. Well, maybe Heather herself might care, but probably no one else!

You’ve already seen my summer blouses, which are getting a lot of use… I was tempted to make another one, but then thought I should try one of the other projects. This weekend I opted for Ruby’s Bloomers. I’m not really sure why, since I don’t have a baby, and I don’t even know anyone with a baby that I could give them to. I guess I was just sucked in by how cute they are.


I had just finished the Fuchsia Seas quilt, so I used a piece of the remaining fabric. Who can pass up hot pink bloomers? So let’s see – what can I tell you about this project? I love that there’s only one pattern piece! It comes together so quickly, and just exactly as pictured. I even followed all the directions! (and those who know me know that that’s quite an accomplishment!) Ok, actually, I did make one change… rather than pinking the inside seams, I opted to use french seams so as to avoid any frayed hems. It probably adds a little bit of extra bulk, but I like the look better.

My only problem… no baby to model them! I considered walking around with them until I found someone with a baby. Thought maybe I could offer to pay them to try them on their child and let me take a picture. (Don’t worry, I thought better of it!)

So what do you do when you find a pattern you like? You make several more in other fun fabrics!


Love them. And take it from me, this is a project you can make even if you don’t have a baby! If you’re like me, you’ll get enough enjoyment simply out of looking at (and taking pictures of)  these really cute bloomers!


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  1. 1
    Julie says:

    There is something BAD wrong with me, because I just caught myself thinking, “Would it be so wrong for ME to make and wear those…?”

    SO. CUTE.

  2. 2
    Your Number 1 Fan says:

    I think I found a spot for those…I mean, what stationery store wouldn’t want bloomers as cute as those, if only for decoration?
    I wonder if people will ask if they’re shower caps. Love those pics!

  3. 3
    Kristin says:

    Those are adorable!!! And would be perfect for my 2yr old to use to cover her diaper (and later her big-girl panties) under a dress. I have found that once she got into toddler sizes dresses don’t come with little bottoms like that! I figured I would have to find a pattern and make some for her! Now I know what book to use! Thanks for showing off all your new projects – they are great!

    • 4
      Shelly says:

      Born in 74, so I had lots of really ruffly, shorty short dresses that my mom dolled me up in for everything from a trip to the grocery store to sitting through church services. She always had ruffled butt covers for my panties, and at about 4 or 5 she lengthened them a tiny bit to look a bit more like ruffled, gathered leg shorts! I hate it that they no longer sell panty covers for little girls with their dresses.

  4. 5
    erin says:

    really, so adorable. i kind of wish my girls were small again just so i could make a dozen pairs of these.

  5. 6
    MichelleB says:

    Adorable bloomers. And wonderful fabric.

  6. 7
    Ellen says:

    I know a girl who would gladly model them for you 🙂 We wear bloomers at least 2 times a week around here to cover our little diapered butt. So very cute!

  7. 8
  8. 9
    Dara says:

    Those little green ones are my fave…they have me thinking of spring. Beautiful work, I love them – they are the kind of thing my little girl would live in all summer.

  9. 10
    mrs. doodle says:

    I love these. I am like Kristin above… why don’t they keep making bloomers for little ones after a certain age? I don’t know but I do know that soon I will be in the bloomer making business as my little one will need some for the summer. She is 17 months and I just think she is too cute in bloomers. I love the ones you made above. I mean who wouldn’t love them – especially in those awesome fabrics. I wish I lived closer and I would bring the baby girl over and let her be your model. 🙂

    Oh and I am so going to have to get this book. I want to make some blouses like you did too. Maybe for Easter…. he he

  10. 11
    mrs. doodle says:

    Hey it’s me again… I know, I know. Can’t get enough of these things. Would you be interested in a swap. Bloomers for my baby girl and something from me to you. You could pick what you wanted. Just askin’.

  11. 12
    wendy says:

    So cute! You can send them on over for my 15 month old girl 😉 She’s actually wearing bloomers on my blog right now, but not ones made by me! I wish I a) had a machine and b) knew how to make clothes. Maybe I’ll ask my mom to make them!

  12. 13
    Sara says:

    SOO sweet! I love the fabric so much and the lighting in the last picture is perfect.
    Glad you’re back!

  13. 14
    Erin says:

    Just de-lurking to say, It cracks me up that you made 4 bloomers and have no kid to give them to. I am also in love with Weekend Sewing as well and have spent many an hour just looking. I am totally going to be making those bloomers sometime in the future.

  14. 15
    Chris says:

    I love the bloomers! I made some from a Butterick pattern and never thought to use French Seams. Good idea. Your fabric choices are fabulous!!! Now you just need to make some cute swing dresses to coordinate and pack them away in case you have a baby girl one day 🙂

    My daughter is almost 2 and I cringe at the thought of her not wearing adorable bloomers anymore!

  15. 16
    turtlewon says:

    Ha! they’re just as you said … absolutely adorable to look at (nice choice of fabrics) and they make a great post … love seeing something new on the fence!

  16. 17
    sarah says:

    Oh I just made those last week! I have almost 2 year old twins and one is named Ruby so I couldnt resist. I did accidently make the flowers upside down.. now I have to remember what way NOT to do it for next time
    😉 yours look so stinkin cute I need to make more. I love bloomers

  17. 18
    Robin says:

    I made them too–I like the French seams and I also like doing the hems and elastic first. That way, I can sew the seams over top of the elastic. Sturdier, I think. Yours are ADORABLE. I made the baby smocked dress with the matching bloomers.
    Yours are gorgeous!

  18. 19
    katie says:

    these are so great! i love the fabrics that you used.

  19. 20
    lesley says:

    these are so awesome. i can’t wait to make these for my baby girl, she’ll be the perfect age for them in the summer. i just have to plow through my long sewing list until i have time for some Weekend Sewing! Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. 21
    sally says:

    How fun. You’ve convinced me to buy the book. I’ve got a daughter on the way and she is number three in the family. Pretty much everything she’ll wear will be what her older sister wore but this is a great project and I can make her some really cute bloomers for the summer. Thanks for sharing.

  21. 22
    Mary-Kay says:

    WOW! I found your site by typing in “Modern Quilts” into Flickr. I LOVE your Fuchsia Seas Baby Quilt, and all the others you have done! Can you tell me the measurements of the blocks? I really want to make something similar. Very nice work – I added you to my bloglines feed so I can check you out all the time! Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. 23
    admin says:

    Mary-Kay – Thanks so much! The blocks in the Fuchsia Seas quilt measure 7.5″ x 10.5″. The inner rectangles vary in height, but all measure the same width, 2.5″. Hope this helps!

  23. 24
    cathleen says:

    Really, really, really cute. I know a couple of girlies that would look quite stylish iin those bloomers! By the way…your quilt in the last post is beautifully cozy!

  24. 25
    Liz says:

    Gushing over here. How adorable. I wish I could get my hands on some of the green buds fabric. My favorite. Just got my book and I am loving it. Have you tried any of the girl’s dresses yet? Thanks for all your great posts. I really enjoy seeing your projects and love your taste!

  25. 26
    Whowoodavthought@gmail.com says:

    Wait, wait, wait! are you Nesting??!

  26. 27
    Ginger says:

    My kids never went for the bloomers, but those are pretty darn cute! I bet locally either the Vermont Refugee Resettlement program or the Lund Center would happily take some bloomers, if you’re looking for a home for them. Or, put them in a box and pull them out when you’re ready to gift them. Or, any church nursery!

  27. 28
    Kathy says:

    Love the bloomers I downloaded the pattern and it said to enlarge 250% which I did but there are two nesting patterns and I don’t know sizes. Does anyone know the sizing.

  28. 29
    Joy A says:

    I was wondering if someone could please let me in on the secret of how to enlarge the bloomer pattern to 250% and print it? I know how to change the percent to 250% but it not print the pattern correctly.

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