a new quilt?

Oh wait, nope… it’s a skirt! Though maybe I should have turned it into a quilt. I still can’t figure out if it works as a skirt, or if I feel like I’m wearing a quilt…

As you may have guessed, the idea is totally inspired by Anna Maria Horner’s wonderful zig zag dress. I don’t think the pattern’s available yet, but I kinda wanted one for Florida so I opted to try my hand at a skirt. I made it the same way I would a zig zag quilt, but only did a few rows, using a few great colorful prints. From there I cut out the front and back pieces, added in an elastic waist and my favorite ruffled bottom (seen earlier here and here).

Apparently I thought I was smaller, since I managed to cut this a bit on the small size. I had to rip it out and resew it with a slightly smaller seam allowance. My sister has been trying to convince me that it’s really more her size…

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