I succumbed to the Orla Kiely mania

I wasn’t going to. Honest. We don’t have a Target in Vermont, so I figured I was out of luck. I made a half-hearted attempt by having my mom look at the store near them, but she didn’t find anything. Then we came down to Florida and I was surrounded by Target stores, and what could I do? I figured I should definitely stop by all the ones I came across to see if they had anything.

To tell you the truth, I almost gave up after the first one – not because I couldn’t find anything, but more because I was with my mom who thought it would be helpful to periodically call out “Orla!” while we were walking through the store, as if that would summon the products to us. We received a few odd glances, and I thought calling it quits might be in order.

Not one to be able to give up on a hunt though (remember me and the out of print fabric?!) I stopped by one other store this weekend and managed to find what I was looking for. Instead of being selective and buying a few pieces, I opted to grab everything I could and run! (that makes it sound like I made a break for it – I did actually pay for these items…). And here’s my haul… I’m stil trying to decide if I do actually need all of it, but for now I’m enjoying looking at it all. I’m trying not to think about how I’ll get it all back to Vermont…

plates, cups, coasters, oh my! (oh, and dishtowels, not pictured…)

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