weaving webs…

er, sewing webs… (or half webs, anyway.)

These two blocks are for Ashley, for the second month of the Block Party quilting bee. She decided to go with a spiderweb quilt, and I can already tell that it’s going to be a beautiful quilt! She picked some lovely linen for the center pieces, and a great mix of red and aqua fabrics. She did request that we add in a few pieces from our stashes, and I have done so, though not in too obvious a way. I really liked what she had picked, and didn’t want to take anything away from that, so I addd in smaller scraps of oranges, yellows and greens. (you may have to look closely to see them!)

As many others have said, the actual sewing of these blocks is really quite fun! They’re paper pieced, and I was glad I had practiced on this quilt first, though it’s really much easier than it seems. It really allows you to use teeny tiny scraps, and you know how I love scraps!

It’s a good thing we’re heading out of town soon, or I might find myself busy creating my own web!

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