A finished quilt (and some napkins too!)

You all wanted to see this one quilted, right? I couldn’t decide if I should branch out and try some other type of quilting, but ultimately went with the free motion stippling. There’s a lot going on on the front, so I didn’t want the quilting to be distracting. I think the all over stippling worked well because it’s nice and crinkly without taking anything away from the pattern.

I went for a very simple look for the back. I had this one piece of black and white Marimekko fabric in my stash and it just happened to be the exact size (and I mean exact… no room for error here!). Since it was the perfect size, I opted to use just that piece for the entire backing.

I used the solid green for the binding, and I think it really works to complete the pattern, plus, it looks nice with the black and white print on the back! Final measurement is 37″ x 45″.

And lest you think that I failed on my mission to make some napkins this weekend, here’s a completed stack. You’d think these would be fast to sew, but of course I decided to go with a decorative stitch for the hem, and it definitely takes longer than I expected! I have about a week left, so if I do a couple more each day, I should be good!

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