the colors of spring

I am loving these colors, especially all together. This is the start of my next quilt, and I’m thinking I may try to go for a queen sized quilt for our bed. How could I be anything but happy waking up to these cheery colors?!

This is a variation of Ryan’s This End Up quilt. He’s being a bit possessive about that one, not wanting anyone else to have the same quilt, so I’ve altered it just a bit. On the original, the center white squares were all the same size, and on this one I’ve made them all the same width, but the length varies. The blocks are a bit bigger as well. Minor changes, really… it’s essentially the same design (maybe he won’t notice?!)

I had hoped to finish it before we left, but I’m afraid that all quilting must come to a halt so I can finish our wedding napkins. Time is running out, and I’ve procrastinated long enough!

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