a baby neapolitan quilt

You may recall that the zig zag baby quilt was the first one I actually finished. It’s still one of my favorites, so I decided to do another, this time incorporating pink. I added in some orange and brown prints, and the resulting quilt really reminds me of neapolitan ice cream.

I’ve been trying to be better at actually using some of my favorite fabrics, so in this one you’ll see some of the Heather Ross bicycles I’ve been saving, as well as the light pink floral print.

As with my first, I quilted this very simply, following the zig zag lines. I did a straight stitch 1/4″ away from each zig zag, and I (still) like the pattern on the back. (I say still, because I think I said the very same thing about the first quilt!)

Since I still don’t know anyone having a baby, I think this one might end up for sale… providing I can part with it!

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