a black, white and green baby string quilt

This quilt is a bit of a departure from my typical quilts, but I’m quite taken with it anyway! I always knew I wanted to make a black, white and green baby quilt, so I’ve been setting aside little pieces of black and white fabric for some time now. I had a decent sized stack, but couldn’t decide how to put them together. Originally I was thinking blocks, (as usual!) but I ultimately decided on a string quilt, figuring it would be a good way to use the various sized fabric pieces I had and to show a variety of prints in a small quilt.

It also serves a second purpose. February’s Block Party block is a spiderweb quilt, so this gave me a chance to learn paper piecing before I had to use that technique to make blocks for someone else!

I used freezer paper, and cut squares of 8.5″. In order to make this quilt a little less crazy, I decided to use a solid green strip, placed in the same spot on each block. I like the idea of this one constant in the midst of the randomness of the rest of the strips, and I like the pattern it creates.

I went for a mainly random look, not thinking too much about matching other colors or patterns. After all the blocks were completed, I did move them around a bit to match a few sections for some extra interest.

It’s not yet fully sewn together, and I’m finding that the hardest part of this quilt might just be removing the freezer paper! It seems as though the most important part is to remember to use a small stitch length so that the paper can be easily removed. Unfortunately, I have a few blocks where I forgot to change the stitch length from the default setting on the machine… I might be at this for a while!

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