Zig Zags galore!

I made this quilt for a dear friend of mine who recently got married (ok, I admit it, it wasn’t really that recent!). I’m still within a year though, so I think we’re good. I went for fabric from the Urban Chicks 1974 line, and I’m hoping these colors and patterns work in their house. I selected it all before they got a new puppy though – now I’m thinking that perhaps white wasn’t the best choice!

I like a zig zag pattern, and decided to change this up a bit by adding zig zags of different sizes, separated by strips of white fabric.

The back was Morgan’s idea, and I like the idea of using the zig zag pattern in a different way, creating this zig zag rectangle on the back.

Somehow, even though it was centered before I quilted it, it ended up off a bit on the back. I’m hoping they won’t notice!

It measures 48″ x 65″, which works out to be a good size for a lap quilt for two!

It’ll be in the mail this weekend, and I hope it’s much enjoyed!

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