two blocks for alissa

January is Alissa‘s month for the Block Party quilting bee. She sent out some great fabrics – a nice mix of orange, brown and aqua – and I had a great time making these blocks. She requested wonky log cabins… and here’s what I came up with –

I don’t want to tell you how long I spent on these… let’s just say it was longer than I expected. It seems as though making individual quilt blocks can take some time, especially when you’re making them for someone else (and you want to make sure they’re as perfect as you can make them!)

This is the first one I made

I love that little mini log cabin block in the bottom left.

I had a different idea for the second, but as I was sewing pieces together, it just turned into this instead.

I’m happy with the way they turned out, and I certainly hope Alissa likes them! From what I’ve seen, it looks like she’s going to end up with one very beautiful quilt!

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