a quick hello from Florida

I’ve been in Florida for a couple days trying to get some details nailed down for our wedding. We’re still lacking a location for the ceremony and someone to perform the ceremony, but I’m happy to say that we now have a location for the lunch after the ceremony and we also now have flights so that we will actually be in attendance at our own wedding – good idea, right? I procrastinated far too long, trying to find the absolute best deal. I hope someone will remind me next time that it’s not worth the extra stress!

It’s hard to be without my sewing machine (is that sad?). I’ve been checking out everyone else’s sewing projects online, but it’s not quite the same. To make myself feel like I was still part of the sewing community, I bought a couple pieces of fabric…

It didn’t exactly work, but I have pulled them out to look at them more than I’d care to admit! Ah, fabric!

I have a sewing project to work on for the wedding when I return home, and then we’re headed back to Florida in mid-February for about a month, so I’m afraid this blog will be kind of boring for a while…

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