Fabric, and the men who bought it

Receiving fabric is always fabulous. I like it even better when it’s a gift – there’s something about not picking it out yourself that’s kind of fun. This year I mentioned (many, many times) that I’d love to receive a box of fabric for Christmas. I was told (over and over) that no one would be able to pick out fabric for me. What designers to look for? which prints? what colors? what don’t I already have?… apparently it just sounded too complicated. That’s why I was so surprised when I received fabric from both my wonderful fiance, Morgan, and my brother, Ryan. It’s extra special since they both, individually, took the time to go online to select fabric for me.

And they did well, don’t you think?

In addition to these fabrics, Ryan also got me some precut fabric squares, which I immediately started sewing together for yet another quilt. I’ll show you the full top in a day or two!

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